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GLIMSTEDT is a full-service law firm

GLIMSTEDT has made a name for itself through our commitment to providing the highest quality legal services and working in close partnership with our clients. We attribute our success to the core values shared and respected by all the members of our teams.

  • We are committed to responding to clients’ needs within the shortest possible time. Our clients appreciate the responsiveness and openness of our people, who are always ready to come to their assistance.
  • We care about each client. We want every client to feel at all times that someone is taking care of his or her concerns, without the need for special requests or reminders, leaving the client free to focus on other issues.
  • One of the cornerstones of our work is to excel in everything we do, and in order to achieve this we keep on improving in order to be able to deliver continuously the highest quality service based not only on the wealth of our experience, but also on cutting-edge regulatory and market developments and innovative solutions.
  • We put all our efforts into establishing long-standing relationships with our clients and go the extra mile to understand their businesses. That is why we are in a position to offer tailored solutions for every client and succeed in foreseeing and advising on the prevention or removal of future obstacles to their success.
  • Our people are determined to deliver prompt, clear, sensible, and practical solutions. There is no such word as “impossible” in our work, since we believe that there is a workable solution for every issue, and our dedicated lawyers work diligently to find the one which best serves our client’s interests.

We seek to ensure that every issue is handled by those of our lawyers who possess the skills and experience needed to deal with it effectively. We follow developments in law and practice closely and update our clients on issues and opportunities that may add value to their businesses.