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The identification of invalid procurement contracts

The identification of invalid procurement contracts

On May 24th at the State Procurement Meeting 2023, Glimstedt’s public procurement experts Maria Veermäe and Ringo Heidmets will discuss the issue of identifying the nullity of a procurement contract using the example of dispute practice.

State Procurement Meeting 2023 (Riigihangete Treff) brings together the largest procurers, renowned procurement specialists, and active bidders.

Maria Veermäe and Ringo Heidmets, whose experience includes both the role of procurer and bidder, will lead a discussion on the topic of ‘Identifying Nullity of a Procurement Contract and the Overriding Public Interest in the Example of Dispute Practice’ on the day dedicated to state procurement. During this discussion, they will analyze solutions where entrepreneurs have sought to establish the nullity of a procurement contract and in which cases (including when there is an overriding public interest) the bidders’ claims have been unsuccessful.

“There are specific elements in procurement management that only experts know about. If we want procurement to bring the best results for both the procurer and the bidder, we need to bring more attention to the field and consolidate the experiences and knowledge,” says Veermäe, adding that “the fact that correctness is often ensured by a competing bidder’s dispute should be an exception, not a rule.”

As discussion topics, participants can expect the following theme developments:

  • Analysis of solutions where nullity of a procurement contract has been sought;
  • The role of bidders or other interested parties in establishing nullity and their claim submission;
  • The possible defense position of the procurer based on public interest.

“During the discussion, we will look at the latest state procurements where nullity of a contract has been established in a situation where the contract value was a million euros and the parties had already started to fulfill the contract,” says Heidmets, adding that “such situations are costly and could be avoided if the procurement conditions are correct, and this could be ensured, for example, by national procurement knowledge centers. We can also find good examples of management in other countries.”

Everyone interested in this field is welcome to participate in the discussion.

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Riigihanke Treff

At the State Procurement Meeting, the shortcomings and problematic cases in the field of state procurement will be analyzed from both the procurer’s and the bidder’s perspectives, as well as the current dispute resolution commission and court decisions and the resulting changes in the state procurement landscape. The presentations at the meeting will be held in the form of discussions, where two specialists will actively raise questions, share experiences and practices, and seek solutions to the shortcomings in the procurement field.

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Contacts: Ringo Heidmets, Maria Veermäe