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Public Procurement

We advise suppliers and tenderers on all issues related to public procurement.

Our team members have advised Estonia’s largest suppliers and bidders in the defense and security, social and special services and classic procurement sectors, from matters to construction procurement.

NEW SERVICE: Assessing the prospect of litigation in public procurement proceedings

Do the basic documents of the public procurement procedure seem to favour a specific product of a competitor? Do the explanations provided by the contracting authority fail to answer the substantive questions? Do the decisions taken contain manifest errors of assessment or are they of highly questionable value?

Contact us, and we will assess the prospects of litigation by providing a strategic assessment!

Be aware that every successful dispute does not necessarily lead to a contract. Procuring entities have the right to supplement decisions on lack of motivation during the dispute procedure. The contracting authority has the possibility to take a new decision with the same result if it is overturned, using different grounds.

Often, a meaningful and effective period for lodging a challenge (which may lead to the award of a contract) ends when the deadline for submission of tenders arrives, since at that point the (including unlawful) terms of the procurement contract enter into force definitively for both the contracting authority and the tenderers.

We will assess the perspective, provide specific instructions on the basis of the case and for the future.

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Main legal services in the field:

  • Support for the preparation of tenders, including the exchange of information
  • Support for the preparation of procurement documents and procurement procedures
  • Representation in case of disputes in VAKO´ and advising in court on current issues

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